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Использование 3D пленки компании 3DVL при изготовлении барабанной установки Liberty Drums
The Liberty Drums Jazz series is truly a statement of craftsmanship with the injection of vintage. This is another beautiful jazz drum kit that will bring out the jazzer in you. BRAND NEW to our range is the LIQUID PEARL effect finish which is truly classy and stunning. The Liberty ‘Opex’ bearing edge design really does create that classic vintage sound by the influence of increased head to shell contact, along with the sensitive snare design that captures those whispery strokes. A credit to English craftsmanship made ply by ply in the Liberty factory.

The Liberty Drums Jazz Series drums feature our NEW Liquid Pearl Wrap, fully bonded to the shell to maximise resonance, round over baring edges and our own stylish lugs and badge. All are hand selected Finnish Birch wood shells combined with the latest Liberty Drums hardware components.

*Featured Jazz series Kit: NEW Liquid Pearl

The Jazz Series is available in a 3 or 4-piece shell pack:tom-close-up
12” x 8” tom
14” x 14” floor tom
18” x 14” bass drum
14”x 5.5” snare drum

Each ply of the finest Finnish birch is applied by hand into our molds in a cross laminated formation. This creates great strength, and diversity in tonal range. All made in Shildon, County Durham. England..

Shell material – 100% Premium Finnish Birch
Shell construction – 12 ply toms (6mm),  15 ply bass drum (8mm)
Bearing edge – OPEX  (50% rounded outer with 45° inner)
Finishes – A stunning range of finishes are available including lacquer solids/sparkles, satin oils & Inlays
Shell hardware – Liberty Chrome hardware including snare mounted tom, Die cast Liberty lugs, hard wearing chrome kick spurs,  George Way snare throw.
Drum Hoops – Chrome Triple flange hoops
Drum heads – EQ2 Kick batter, EQ3 smooth white reso, J1 Etched tom/snare heads, G1 tom reso’s, Hazy 300 snare side.
Badge – Liberty Iconic Bronze badge

RRP – 3pc £1,299
RRP – 4pc £1,599
Available in the Liberty Drums NEW LIQUID PEARL finish, Satin natural or Satin over Walnut stain, ANY natural of dye colour with hard wax finish available on request.

Выпускается в Liberty Барабаны Новые неуловимые PEARL, потрясающее решение с использованием 3DVL пленки возможно не только серебристого цвета, но так же красный, голубой и синий.

Материалы используемые при создании проекта

3D декоративная пленка П I Н 0801

Непрозрачная пленка из поликарбоната одноцветная (белый) пленка имеющая фактуру "Волна"


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